Our Available Surrogates


Stephanie H., First Time Surrogate, Oregon

Back in 1993, I was adopted into a family where the mother figure couldn't have children due to fertility issues. It was my choice in 2004 to become a surrogate so families like my … More

Kristy H

Kristy H., First Time Surrogate, Indiana

I wanted to make a difference in the world and surrogacy seemed to be the way to go. I have four amazing boys that I had zero issues conceiving and it only seemed fit to help … More

Arian K3

Arian K., First Time Surrogate, California

My family always maintains a fun sense of humor throughout life. I have 5 brothers and sisters and most of us are able to get together monthly for potluck dinners to just catch up. … More


Ashlee F., First Time Surrogate, Nevada

I have always wanted to be a mother. When I became one, I realized it was a gift I wanted to give others who struggled on their own. Nothing beats watching your kids grow up and … More


Sylvia L., First Time Surrogate, Nevada

I don’t have hobbies really. I spend my time with my two-year-old daughter, watching her grow, teaching her everything life has to offer. We dance; dancing soothes the soul. There … More


Chantil K., Experienced, Surrogate

Nothing beats snuggling up on the couch for a good family movie. I am a mom to three amazing children, and a step-mom to three more amazing children. There are so many things I … More


Cristy H., First Time Surrogate, Iowa

I have always been known as the ‘nice’ girl. I am shy, but when I open up, I really let my sense of humour out of the box. I have wanted to be a surrogate for a long time. I have … More


Meredith L., Experienced Surrogate, Iowa

I can’t help but love dumb reality television. When I want to relax, I retire to my big, comfy (and quiet) bed and indulge in some mindless shows. But I also enjoy traveling, and … More

Erika A

Erika A

About Me I am a mother to a handsome 4 year old boy. He plays T Ball and Soccer (I coach his soccer team). We are both very active. We fish, hike, workout, use bow and arrows, … More

Kristina R2

Kristina R

About Me I am a child of God, wife of 1 and mother of 4. I was born in Santa Cruz, CA, grew up in Gilroy, CA, and now call the Central Valley of CA my home. My oldest has … More

Our Stories

Mario & Tom Heart Beat Ultasoound

Mario and Tom, Heart Beat Ultrasound

Meeting the love of your life, getting married and starting a family is a dream shared by many; however the right to get legally married is still denied in certain states to same … More


April C.

Beginning a new chapter or taking a journey down a different path can open you up to new adventures. That experience may also introduce you to special people who become a … More



Being a parent changes your world. It can encompass so many beautiful qualities and doesn’t have to be defined by a biological connection. The common thread is the unconditional … More


Jennings and Ryan – Picture Perfect

When photographer Jennings Paige began to picture her future, she knew what she wanted and set goals to get there. However; change is inevitable and often brings challenges. When … More

EMS Rachelle and Chris_18

Rachelle and Chris – Don’t Give Up

It is common to have a five year plan, especially for a woman in her twenties. For some it includes graduating from college and landing your dream job; maybe getting married, … More

EMS Sara and Zach_7

Sara and Zack – Destination Baby

“You will never be able to get Pregnant.” Hearing those words can be devastating to any woman, at any time. But as a teenager with an entire future of endless possibilities ahead … More